I believe in every effort, I swear I got hope
Even without your support, I won’t stop
Bowing ain’t my last resort, I’m aiming top
My dreams will never rot, I’m hell hot
I’m sorry I cannot, I just can’t stop.

I can’t settle for less, I want it in excess
All of it I will access, that is my success
All options I will assess, and make a way express
Oh I will chase, for it i gotta possess
In this case, I know its my phase
I’m sorry I cannot, I just can’t stop.

I will pay the price, and up I will rise
Can roll the dice, and chose to be wise
Then add some spice, and make my rice
You can’t get a slice, because I’m the one you sliced
My visionary eyes, met your heart cold like ice
I’m sorry I cannot, I just can’t stop.

With Gods speed, He met my needs
He planted a seed, that uprooted the weeds
He told me proceed, and watch out for the greed
His words I heed, now my work you read
I hope you notice my lead, as my poem you read
I’m sorry I cannot, I just can’t stop.






I live my life, I don’t need trouble
She’s my wife, I love her double
She’s my life, facts on the table
Our love is stable, neither fairy nor fable
Together we are capable, no time to fumble
She is easy to handle, because she’s humble.
I appreciate your beauty, but she’s my cutie

You got the styles, you such an art
But in my files, she got the heart
For a thousand miles, I’d still play my part
My love I’d pile, and fill her heart
Her funny smile, I’d still flirt
I know you fine, but I love what’s mine
I appreciate your beauty, but she’s my cutie.

Your body so fine, figure next to nine, what a behind !
But I got fine wine, from my vine
I love her vibe, she blows my mind
You’re hot and shine, but I love what’s mine, don’t be blind
You’re such a dime, but its her I define
I appreciate your beauty, but she’s my cutie

Even though we party together, you should know that I love her forever
We could have fun wherever, but respect her whenever
Because in all my endeavors, she will be my forever
I hope you understand, where I stand
On this land, this is my last stand, she’s my right hand, in your ears let this land
I appreciate your beauty, but she’s my cutie






Nairobi Kenya.

I heard them say something, something so undermining,
That left me melting, and aching with a tiny tingling,
But inside I felt so wrippled, and my heart crippled
I felt wrangled above, and my brain dusrupted
For my love for the city, is a love so crystal.

They said a lot , but most it’s not,
They talked of the rot, which is gone at most
I heard it’s lost, but I know it’s not
The City is super hot, with lots of shots
Reject it? I cannot, for I know its worth
For my love for the city, is a love so crystal.

They said it’s gonna break my heart, but I crave it’s art, and want to learn it’s chart
I just want to play my part, and aim that dart,
Hit the spot, on sport and earn my spot, after all its all I got,
My dreams it won’t distort, because I want to be on top ,of the hot spot on the top notch
For my love for the city, is a love so crystal.

I believe in the city, and I want to live in the city, and increase my creativity
Because it’s the one I love, and it was sent from above
Full of weekends with love, and crowned with ladies love
Don’t blame my over-love, for the city from above
For my love for the city, is a love so crystal.

It’s full of opportunities, what a perfect scrutiny,
Full of liveliness, nothing like loneliness, it is never useless,
Boredom rendered powerless, and fun made endless,
Surely I’m in love, with the beauty of the city
For my love for the city, is a love so crystal.






When you left me in the pit, you said I couldn’t fit
To you it was lit, when I became a deadbeat, useless kit
I lost my feet, coz I wasn’t fit, to fit
On your sit, or at your feet
You said that’s it, and dumped me ten feet,
Now that I’m the hit, you need my pint.

When I was in need, you said we couldn’t meet
I had to feed, on the rotten meat and seeds
I had to read, on how to bleed,
In pain without gain,
I lived in a train with stains of pain and strains
Tied with chains of ails, fixed with wrecked nails
Now that I’m the hit, you need my pint

Your success was brief, just like my belief in grief
The lord turned the leaf, and now you are stiff
In just a glimpse, you fell off the cliff
The me you used to tease, is now at peace, taking life at ease,
Now that I’m the hit, you need my pint

I didn’t cause your fall, but now its me you call, you had no feelings such a doll,
Your actions I recall, but I will stand tall and take a stroll,
Roll a poll on what to install, against your fall
You treated me ill, but thats not my skill, I gotta drill because
Your dreams I can’t kill, instead your spirits i’ll refill, and that’s my will
Now that I’m the hit, you need my pint

I hope you remember, the last September, that I wasn’t a member
In all your tenders
You were busy with that gender, occupied by your own agenda, while I focused on the calendar, with one agenda
To become a leader, and be a winner
Now I’m the heat, and you need my hint.







Have you ever wondered, whats the blunder
When you pretend , to be a friend
It becomes the end ,of your daily pretence
Your friendship ends, because lies can’t blend,
With a friend , you want to hold to the end
Don’t pretend, loyalty to the end

Your friend starts a business, yes its your business
Your friend starts a channel, your energy channel
To support their efforts, just like how you support international artists,
Who knows nothing about you
Don’t pretend, loyalty to the end


Your friend is unable , mentally unstable, thats not a fable,
If you are stable, don’t be the label, on their tears
Instead their doubts disable, make them stable to fight their fears
Be their peer, and be their spear, together demolish the fear
If necessary buy them beer,
Talk, listen and hear, give them an ear, make sure its clear
Listen more, speak less
Focus on the core, it reduces stress
Don’t pretend, loyalty to the end

Your friend you support, you don’t extort
Help them create, please don’t hate
You should be the gate, to their’s being great
Don’t be the plate, that feeds their regret
I hope you relate, before its too late
Don’t pretend, loyalty to the end





Long lost self, that was hanged on a shelf,
I felt like an elf, prisoned in a lost self,
It was all my fault, that I got locked in the vault ,
I sealed my own path, wrapped it with the self doubt wrath
It wasn’t in my fate, to hurt my mates
This was just a phase, blurring my face
I knew I was lost, but now I’m new.

My indecisive nature,broke down my life structure
Of course my soul had lectures,
To warn this creature,against messing up laws of nature
And breeding negative energy, but there was no particular strategy
I knew I was lost, but now I’m new.

I made a monster, a master of self doubt
No cluster, on what this was about,
Internal conflict I grew, and pain to others I inflict ,
To myself I became a convict, a victim to self pity
I knew I was lost, but now I’m new.

I found a way, to put it away
And curb it in a way, that safe I will stay
No doubt even for a day, because this is a new day in a way
Everyday I pray, that my efforts will pay
No self-betray , thats all I say, I am strong today, and I’m out of jail
I knew I was lost, but now I’m new.




Think, think, think!!!


Becoming a man, you sign a pact
Not just a pact ,but a pact to think before you act.
Cut of the act, of reasoning without facts
All I ask, is think before you act.

The sexual desire,you inspire
Is a shame to the entire, even to the men who have retired, your acts, we are tired
Sexual desires, that lead to characters undesired, stories about rape we are tired
All I ask, is think before you act.

Before you seal her fate, think in steps,
Think of her fate, what if it was you instead?
Man up I beg, don’t behave like a degenerated
Your desires don’t exaggerate, instead masturbate and your desires forget
All I ask, is think before you act.

It doesn’t matter what’s the name, its all wrong it doesn’t matter the age, still it’s rape
Society calls it sexual impurity, I defined it, Men’s impunity, to be the cause of women’s insecurity, and a curse to their chastity.
All I ask, is think before you act.

Of course there is the law, to ensure you don’t act too low, but let that not be the flow on the floor,
Instead be a man and grow, together with women in a glow, don’t be the blow that will extinguish their glow
All I ask, is think before you act.

Don’t be the gent, who inspired regrets, don’t be the dent that caused men disrespect, just because you raped,
Be the knight in a crusade, that stopped the trend ,of men’s impurity trends, be the reason all the violence against women ends, as I end this be a man, not just any man but be a hu-man and remember,
All I ask, is think before you act.





I’ve met a lady, she’s a woman who made me think
Who sometimes puts on, clothes in red ink
Sweet in her style, and the way she smiles
She caught my heart, from many miles

Through her potraits, I looked at her and admired her traits
The feels I feel on her sight, gets stronger insight
I tried to turn off my sight,and focus on the other direction
But the beauty on her face, has always been my maze

I don’t even understand, how could these feelings slap me !
But I believe it’s real, neither fake nor fantasy
I found a lady, who triggers the man in me
That I can’t really explain, as far as I can perceive.

As I lay on my bed at night, and shut my eyes, my feeling cross the night
She’s the only one, my memories can grasp and dreams wanna embrace

If only I could poof in front of her,at the right time and place, with an embrace
I would spill my love, for her with her pace, on her face

I think i understand, where she stands, all I wish is for her to fill my heart
And if chances are hard to find, then i will take her slow, coz i can go deeper, if she wants me to

Im not close to hold her near , the distance is so queer
I wish i would whisper my love, in her ear, and tell her she’s beautiful like a rainbow

I wonder how could I tell, these things I feel
And show her, my love is real ,and she shouldn’t be afraid to show her true colors
I know this world makes people crazy, but all i ask her is to show me her smile,
Even if its from a mile I wish I was near

Each night I lay in bed, in God I trust and pray
To give me the chance, and a way to her heart and her’s to mine.
With time i hope, its me she will choose
Coz every time I hear her voice, all my worries drown away

And if her’s , will never be mine i will still believe
With my poetry tools, pen on a pad, my fingers will write sweet lines of love for her

I will narrate my story, through a poem from deep down my soul, about the pretty lady, who my soul longed for.

A lady who’s name is written in the tablets of my arteries, and sealed by a song in my heart, with a crown sparkling “my Angel”,

The super woman who my heart really fell in love with, a woman brighter than all the stars, arranged in beautiful shapes in the galaxy.

Halt now, as i cease to write, and drop my tools of poetry down, I’m short of words about a lady who gave me sweet thoughts of joy , all left is faith and prayers, hoping that sooner my loyalty and respect will be hers to conquer
We will surely seal the zeal fir the deal to be together forever, that lady that woman, i love her.


Poetic gestures


Still standing.

I have been strong, for so long Mr Wrong
It’s been long, Mr Wrong since you accepted your wrong.
You have no idea for how long you have been wrong, but won’t admit you were wrong.
Anyway I’m still standing.

I had to fall, reach the wall ,my last roll in order to rise.
You called me loser, my life got looser, yet you were a successful boozer, misusing resources.
I had to call it a wrap, pick myself up and go for another lap.
Anyway im still standing.

My sweaty projects ,were your easy rejects, i believe it was a process.
My efforts were excess, it was in your conscience, i believed in success.
To you i failed but I Know i raised, you saw me wail and ail but i had aim, an aim to aid my raise, my raise that you tried to erase.
Anyway I’m still standing.

It was a shame to beg, like a lame cling on your leg.
Just because of fame, u played me like a game.
Im sorry i was lame, but now im made, im new and i know my name.
My name is strength, ambition, will power and optimism.
Anyway im still standing

U got old and bored, i got loud and bold,
Your life is a load, mine is gold, with loads of pride
My lousy past erased, your ego disgraced
I thought i lost it all, you thought you had it all, but karma had us all,
Anyway I’m still standing

This goes to all the dreamers, all the dream killers and dream snatchers,
Just because i aint worth it today, don’t think i won’t be tomorrow,
Life is a journey of unknown turns . And karma is always watching
Anyway we will still be standing


poeticgestures ©️



I am a model.

Hey there i know you know who i am.
Now that you know who i am , all you want is to use me.
Since i know who i am, i wont let you use me ever.
I am a model and i have a voice.

Just because you have a brand ,you want me so bad.
After i drop my guard of trust and brand the brand, you say im bad.
Im then dropped and dumped for another prey.
I am a model and i have a voice.

You call me to the runway to use my skill,after the profit you run-ayway and my dream you kill
Your life is thrilled and my dreams killed, my energy drilled, your agency build my esteem chilled.
I am a model and i have a voice.

My beauty for your adverts,my welfare your con alerts,
After every advert dessert for you desert for me,your bank accounts inserts mine subtracts,
To you more models you attract,while me poverty attacks
I am a model and i have a voice.

And to you Mr society,im not all about beauty,hight and booty
Im not all about style,heels and makeup,
Im not all about suits ,abs and smoulder,
Im not all about shoulders,chest and curves.
I am a model and i have a voice.

I am a model and this is who i am
I am discipline, motivation and hadwoork
I am beauty, brains and Elegance
I am love, kindness and humanity
I am a brother,sister,relative
I am a mother, father and understand that i am human
I am a working progress and I am a role model
I am a model and i have a voice.



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